~Media and Publications~

This page contains references and links to some of my published work, media appearances and other writings.


Teaching for Spiritual Formation: A Patristic Approach to Christian Education in a Convulsed Age (Eugene, OR: Cascade, 2022).

How the Spirit Became God: The Mosaic of Early Christian Pneumatology (Eugene, OR: Cascade, 2020).

The Trinitarian Testimony of the Spirit: Prosopological Exegesis and the Development of Pre-Nicene Pneumatology (VCSup 147; Leiden: Brill, 2018).

Journal Articles

Teaching Ascesis: Recovering the Neglected Center of Early Christian Pedagogy,” International Journal of Christianity and Education 26.2 (2022): 123-134.

The Spirit and the Scriptures Revisiting Cyprian’s Use of Prosopological Exegesis,” Journal of Early Christian History 8.2 (2018): 35-48.

The Spirit Speaks: Pneumatological Innovation in the Scriptural Exegesis of Justin and Tertullian,” Vigiliae Christianae 69.5 (2015): 463-483.

The Lukan Special Material and the Tradition History of the Pericope Adulterae,” Novum Testamentum 55.3 (2013): 232-251.

Print Magazine Articles

Christian Education in the Negative World.” Classis 30.3 (2023).

Christian Education as Soulcraft.” With Blake Adams. Modern Reformation 32.1 (2023).

Online Articles

How the Early Church Found the Trinity in the Old Testament.” Logos Word by Word Blog. April 2023.

Podcast Interviews

Faith in Teaching Podcast. Interviewed by David I. Smith on Teaching for Spiritual Formation. June 2022.

The Telos Collective Intersection Podcast. Interviewed by Bp. Todd Hunter and Fr. Erik Willits on How the Spirit Became God. April 2021.

The Stone Chapel Podcasts. Interviewed by David B. Capes on How the Spirit Became God. February 2021.

OnScript: Engaging Conversations on Bible and Theology. Interviewed by Matthew W. Bates on The Trinitarian Testimony of the Spirit. April 2019.

Non-published Writings

History and the Victory of God,” Th.M. Thesis, Dallas Theological Seminary, May 2013.

Papias and the Gospels,” Th.M. Paper, Dallas Theological Seminary, December 2011.


7 Responses to ~Media and Publications~

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  4. Justin says:

    Hi Dr. Hughes,
    Really enjoyed your conversation with Dr. Matt Bates. I was just curious if I could ask you a few brief questions about the topic as I am looking for various topics to study for my doctoral work. I don’t know if you have an email to contact.
    -Justin Gravatt

  5. Steven says:

    I dont understand. Did the women caught in adultery really happen or not? If it didnt then do you really think Christ would want someone to make up a situation that he was supposedly involved in, then publish it? Isnt that adding to the Bible? Didnt Paul say we take the whole bible rightly diveded? Therefore no one is suppose to add or take from it. I for one have always read and took it for what it is; when it comes to the woman caught in adultery. However when people are saying that it was added and even though it doesnt contradict the bible specifically but still a fabricated story that Christ was involved in. Isnt that lying? Dont all liars have thier place in the lake of fire? Please help me understand. I would really appreciate it.

    • krhughes14 says:

      As I argue in my NovT article, I think this incident really happened and circulated in one of the early collections of stories about Jesus’ life and teaching. It wasn’t included as part of any of the Gospels, however, and this led some people who really cherished this story to add it on to the Gospels in various places (most famously at John 7:53-8:11). So I don’t see it as at all fabricated, but just a story in search of a “home” in the biblical record.

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