~On Christian Teaching~

NEW! Check out my interview with Blake Adams in Modern Reformation on the subject of “Christian Education as Soulcraft.”

Available now! Teaching for Spiritual Formation: A Patristic Approach for Christian Education in a Convulsed Age (Cascade Books, 2022) draws on the wisdom of the church fathers for the work of Christian teaching and learning today! Features a foreword from David I. Smith.

2In Teaching for Spiritual Formation, I aim to advance a new vision of Christian teaching and learning by drawing upon the riches of historical theology to build upon emerging discussions about the character of a distinctively Christian pedagogy. While the work of David I. Smith has initiated some important conversations that are helping teachers re-imagine the work of Christian education with respect to their teaching practices (as opposed to merely curricular choices or building relationships with students), this conversation could be enriched, deepened, and more carefully grounded by drawing upon the largely untapped resources of historical theology. Indeed, by grounding our thinking about classroom practices in the realm of early Christian theology, and particularly patristic wisdom about spiritual formation, we can unlock a broader perspective on the art of teaching. Setting these insights in dialogue with contemporary pastoral theology on spiritual formation can provide an additional new lens for thinking about how teachers can cultivate the work of the Spirit in the lives of our students. As a result, our teaching is able to more intentionally shape students into Christ’s likeness and thereby better prepare them to withstand the turbulence of our increasingly post-Christian society. Purchase it here.