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N. T. Wright on the “New Marcionism”

Courtesy of a tip from Doug Kortyna, here’s a link to an excellent interview with the good bishop on the issue of the seeming discontinuity between the “loving” Jesus of the NT and the “wrathful” God of the OT. Marcion … Continue reading

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Simon Peter (1): Bockmuehl’s Method

As I’m a big fan of Oxford scholar Markus Bockmuehl, I’m excited to begin a three-part summary/review of his new book Simon Peter in Scripture and Memory: The New Testament in the Early Church (Baker Academic, 2012). Bockmuehl’s Seeing the Word was … Continue reading

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N. T. Wright on Patristic Interpretation

Currently doing a quick read-through of Bishop Tom’s insightful little book Scripture and the Authority of God, and came across this comment on patristic interpretation: “What the use of allegory highlights, of course, is the church’s insistence on the importance of … Continue reading

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On Applying for a PhD in New Testament / Christian Origins

Applying for a PhD in the field of NT/Christian Origins is a monster of a task (or at least a significant part-time job!). As I went through this process over the last twelve months, I was helped and encouraged by … Continue reading

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My Seminary Journey

I came to seminary excited to get answers; I left with far more questions than I even suspected existed. This may sound cliché, but it is nevertheless the best way to summarize my seminary journey. As I reflect on my … Continue reading

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Not Rapture Ready

Some good words from friend and fellow soon-to-be-doctoral-student Tyler Stewart over on his blog on what I agree is a better way to read the so-called “rapture passage” of 1 Thess 4.15-17. N. T. Wright has a typically frank and … Continue reading

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Sanctified Vision (4): Origen and the Pedagogy of Scripture

Completing our study of O’Keefe and Reno’s Sanctified Vision, we turn to the idea, widespread throughout patristic interpretation, that a life of spiritual discipline is the prerequisite for correctly interpreting Scripture. The authors contend that even this is not a totally foreign … Continue reading

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