N. T. Wright on the “New Marcionism”

tomwright2Courtesy of a tip from Doug Kortyna, here’s a link to an excellent interview with the good bishop on the issue of the seeming discontinuity between the “loving” Jesus of the NT and the “wrathful” God of the OT.

Marcion was a second-century bishop branded a heretic for his belief that the Yahweh of the OT was an evil demiurge, inferior and altogether different from the God revealed in the NT. Marcion was denounced and excommunicated for his beliefs, but this general idea nevertheless continues to surface throughout church history, and even within conservative-evangelical circles today (hence, the “new Marcionism”).

Note the link to download the entire interview (touching on the historical Adam, among other things) at the bottom of the page. On the issue of divine justice and authority more broadly (from a philosophical perspective), let me recommend the work of my favorite Georgetown professor: Mark C. Murphy, An Essay on Divine Authority, Cornell Studies in the Philosophy of Religion (Cornell Univ. Press, 2002).


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2 Responses to N. T. Wright on the “New Marcionism”

  1. Tim says:

    I need the entire article entitled Tom Wright Skewers The New Marcionism. Every time I follow a link that will allegedly take me to the full article I’m told that article can’t be found. Can anyone help me find the full text?;tim

  2. Anyone trying to use Marcion to justify loose sexual morality is a liar, as is anyone calling “Jesus is love, so sexual immorality is ok” by the name Marcionism, since Marcion demanded celibacy as a requirement for salvation.

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