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Good Friday 2013: “The Sweet Exchange”

But when our unrighteousness was fulfilled, and it had been made perfectly clear that its wages–punishment and death–were to be expected, then the season arrived during which God had decided to reveal at last his goodness and power (oh, the … Continue reading

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3 Classes I Wish DTS Offered

With my time at DTS rapidly approaching, my thoughts have turned to “what could have been”: seeing as I am now supposed to be a “Master of Theology,” what holes do I really wish were filled? Obviously, no degree program … Continue reading

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In Layman’s Terms: Prosopological Exegesis

[Interested in exploring the subject of prosopological exegesis further? While I address this topic thoroughly in my scholarly monograph The Trinitarian Testimony of the Spirit, students and pastors will likely benefit from the more focused discussion in my book How the Spirit … Continue reading

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5 Books That Shaped My Thinking at Seminary

As I reflect on my time at DTS, the following five books (in no particular order – ranking them would have been too difficult!) have played the largest role in shaping my thinking over the last four years. This list … Continue reading

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Regnum Caelorum and What Makes a Great Dissertation

For my eschatology class, I’m currently reading Charles E. Hill’s Regnum Caelorum: Patterns of Millennial Thought in Early Christianity (2nd ed., Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2001). This book is a revision of Hill’s doctoral dissertation, which he completed under Rowan Williams at Cambridge … Continue reading

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Join “Read the Fathers”

It’s true: the internet can have uses besides sharing Harlem Shake videos and blogging about what you had for breakfast. The “Read the Fathers” website is utilizing modern technology to help promote ancient theology. The basic idea is that RtF … Continue reading

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The Jesus Blog Previews My NovT Article

Chris Keith, who has published voluminously on the pericope adulterae, has a brief review of my NovT article over at The Jesus Blog. Given some of our differences in methodological presuppositions (which I note in my article and he references in … Continue reading

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