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Simon Peter (3): Case Studies

Bockmuehl’s Simon Peter in Scripture and Memory concludes with two brief case studies that, he claims, demonstrate how the Petrine memory can illuminate our understanding of this central figure of the early church. First, Bockmuehl looks at an exegetical issue. While … Continue reading

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Simon Peter (2): From East to West

In the bulk of his Simon Peter in Scripture and Memory, Markus Bockmuehl provides a condensed, summary-style “encyclopedia of reception” of traditions concerning the apostle Peter, first focusing on those in the East (Gal; Matt; John; 2 Pet; Ignatius; Justin Martyr; … Continue reading

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Simon Peter (1): Bockmuehl’s Method

As I’m a big fan of Oxford scholar Markus Bockmuehl, I’m excited to begin a three-part summary/review of his new book Simon Peter in Scripture and Memory: The New Testament in the Early Church (Baker Academic, 2012). Bockmuehl’s Seeing the Word was … Continue reading

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5 Books That Shaped My Thinking at Seminary

As I reflect on my time at DTS, the following five books (in no particular order – ranking them would have been too difficult!) have played the largest role in shaping my thinking over the last four years. This list … Continue reading

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Textual Temptation

We all want to be “objective” readers of the Bible, yes? But if postmodernism has one distinct advantage over modernism, it is its recognition that an “objective” reading is in reality impossible, because we all come to the text with … Continue reading

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