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Sanctified Vision (3): Typology, Allegory, and the Brady Bunch

“Allegory” might as well be a curse word for many literal-minded Christians. Dismissed, laughed at, scorned–allegorical interpretation of the Bible has fallen on tough times. But it was not always this way! Again, O’Keefe and Reno (Sanctified Vision, ch. 4-5) … Continue reading

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Update: Wright Thesis and L/PA Article

Two quick updates: (1) the final revised copy of my thesis (“History and the Victory of God: The Contribution of N. T. Wright to the Study of the Historical Jesus”) has been completed, turned in, and sent to the library; … Continue reading

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Sanctified Vision (2): Intensive Reading

Previously, I discussed how patristic authors believed Jesus of Nazareth to be the interpretive key for understanding all of Scripture. Now, turning to chapter 3 of O’Keefe & Reno’s Sanctified Vision, we consider the first of three major methods of reading … Continue reading

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Sanctified Vision (1): Christ is the End of Scripture

This week in class, I was told in no uncertain terms that when teaching and preaching from the OT, it is invalid to read in NT theology. Though this is not necessarily an uncommon thing to hear in these parts, I … Continue reading

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Epistle of Barnabas (2): The Problem of 15.3-9

Perhaps the most confusing and contested passage in all of Barnabas is 15.3-9. In his refutation of the Jewish practice of keeping the Sabbath, Ps.-Barnabas writes this with reference to the six days of creation (Gen 1): He speaks of the … Continue reading

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Epistle of Barnabas (1): Overview

I figured it’s past time I share a bit about what I’m currently working on. The Epistle of Barnabas is an early Christian text I find uniquely fascinating, and so it’s been fun to work on an Barnabas-related article that will hopefully … Continue reading

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