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Mimesis, Typology, and Allegory

What do scholars mean by the words typology and allegory? Incredibly, though these two terms describing non-literal interpretation are crucial for understanding how scripture was read in early Christianity, there is very little consensus on what exactly they mean, or even if there … Continue reading

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Were the Fathers Inerrantists? A Response to Kevin DeYoung

Kevin DeYoung has co-authored some good popular-level books challenging the “emerging church” movement and calling my younger generation of Christians to participate in the local church. This is all well and good. But he’s got a post up today on … Continue reading

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N. T. Wright on Patristic Interpretation

Currently doing a quick read-through of Bishop Tom’s insightful little book Scripture and the Authority of God, and came across this comment on patristic interpretation: “What the use of allegory highlights, of course, is the church’s insistence on the importance of … Continue reading

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Sanctified Vision (3): Typology, Allegory, and the Brady Bunch

“Allegory” might as well be a curse word for many literal-minded Christians. Dismissed, laughed at, scorned–allegorical interpretation of the Bible has fallen on tough times. But it was not always this way! Again, O’Keefe and Reno (Sanctified Vision, ch. 4-5) … Continue reading

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