Publication Update: Trinitarian Testimony of the Spirit

7586I’m excited to share the news that a revised edition of my dissertation, The Trinitarian Testimony of the Spirit: Prosopological Exegesis and the Development of Pre-Nicene Pneumatology, is under contract with Brill and will be published in the series Vigiliae Christianae Supplements. The final version of the manuscript has been submitted, and so I’m anticipating a publication date of late 2018. As someone who has made great use of many of the volumes in this series, I’ve long believed that this VCSup is the best fit for my book. I’m very much honored that they’ve accepted my work for inclusion, and am eager to see the book in print (at least, that is, until the reviews come in…but that’s all part of the fun).

In other news, a spin-off from the book will be published as an article in the Journal of Early Christian History as “The Spirit and the Scriptures: Revisiting Cyprian’s Use of Prosopological Exegesis.” Print publication will probably also be late 2018, but an electronic version should be available by summer.

More details to come!


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