SBL Denver: Prosopological Exegesis, the Regula Fidei, and Christology

SBL Denver is just around the corner, and if you are attending, please consider yourself very welcome to attend the Development of Early Christian Theology session in which I am presenting. Information from the organizers is as follows:


Here’s the blurb for my talk, which I hope will be of interest to anyone interested in how early Christian readings of Scripture contributed to the development of Christian theology:

This paper examines the interplay between biblical exegesis and Christological development through the lens of the evolution of pre-Nicene prosopological exegesis from the person (prosopon/persona) of the Son. In particular, this paper catalogues all of the instances of prosopological exegesis from the person of the Son in the writings of Justin Martyr, Irenaeus of Lyons, and Tertullian of Carthage for three purposes: first, to analyze the continuities and discontinuities concerning the themes that each writer connected with the Son’s prosopological speech; second, to consider the arguments by which each writer justified his prosopological reading of the Old Testament; third, to compare and contrast the key Christological themes emerging from a prosopological reading of Scripture with early Christian creedal statements regarding the person and work of the Son. This argument aims to demonstrate how a more comprehensive and systematic approach to studying how early Christian writers utilized prosopological exegesis can yield new insights into the development of pre-Nicene Christology (or indeed Trinitarian theology more broadly).


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