Book Announcement: How the Spirit Became God

I’m excited to share with you readers that I am under contract and currently in the process of writing a new book, provisionally titled How the Spirit Became God: Biblical Interpretation and the Birth of Pneumatology. In this book, I aim to make more accessible some of the insights concerning the development of early Christian pneumatology that I began to explore in The Trinitarian Testimony of the Spirit. The title is a play on Bart Ehrman’s famous book How Jesus Became God and seeks to explain the historical process by which the Holy Spirit came to be recognized as the third person of the Trinity (thus, I am not suggesting that there was a time when the Spirit was not God; rather, it’s a matter of the Spirit being acknowledged as such).

Much more to come!


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2 Responses to Book Announcement: How the Spirit Became God

  1. Shane Angland says:

    Excellent! Looking forward to it.

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