“Preaching Pentecost” on Anglican Compass

I’ve got a new article up on Anglican Compass about preaching Pentecost during Coronatide. It’s an easy introduction to some of the themes I develop further in How the Spirit Became God, so check it out here!

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3 Responses to “Preaching Pentecost” on Anglican Compass

  1. Shane says:

    Thanks Kyle. Great post. Do you think there is any merit to the argument but forward by Athanasius and Didymus the Blind concerning the personhood of the Holy Spirit by appealing to the NT use of the [definite] article in distinguishing the Holy Spirt from other spirits? I’m reading through SVS’ ‘Works on the Spirit’ at the moment and was surprised by this line of argumentation. Would you consider this an example of patristic exegetical fallacy?

    • krhughes14 says:

      Good question, Shane. That SVS volume is super helpful; I treat Athansius and Didymus in HSBG, ch. 6, though I don’t make too much of that particular line of argument. I think it’s helpful, to a somewhat limited extent. If I recall, at least one of them is particularly concerned to distinguish the Holy Spirit from the notion of spirit as a component part of a being (though perhaps also other spirits?). In any event, sure, I’ll buy that a definite noun lends itself to personhood more than an indefinite noun does. Note that that is not sufficient for personhood, but perhaps it’s a minimum necessary condition? What do you think? And more importantly, are you working on something pneumatology-related?

      • shane Angland says:

        Thanks Kyle. I was surprised by the line of argumentation, but I think it’s a valid point. I’m just reading Athanasius and Didymus for my own edification, as the saying goes. I enjoy the SVS pop patristic series. Jerome’s prologue to Didymus was hilariously cantankerous.

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