The Trinity in the Old Testament

Logos recently published a piece from me on “How the Early Church Found the Trinity in the Old Testament” for their Word by Word blog. Their blog has several excellent recent pieces on the doctrine of the Trinity; it was an honor to be asked to contribute. In this piece, I focus on three aspects of the Old Testament that are unknown to or under-appreciated by many modern readers—but were nevertheless critical to early Christians’ developing understanding of the Trinity. Here’s my conclusion:

Thus, while it would no doubt be a mistake to say that such an approach to Old Testament interpretation was the only important factor in the development of Trinitarian theology, Christians should be confident that biblical exegesis was indeed very much at the heart of this central doctrine from the very beginning. The Trinity is, indeed, very much in the Bible—perhaps far more than most Christians have ever suspected.

The full piece can be found here, and do check out the Word by Word blog in full. They’ve recently been doing a series on pneumatology, and I have a forthcoming piece on that subject appearing next month


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