Publication Update

I’ve recently received the proofs of my L/PA article from Brill. Going through them one final time, I find it nothing short of incredible that I am still finding typos and other minor errors. In any event, it will appear in NovT 55.2, likely in April or May, so it’s probably too early to line up outside your local Wal-Mart. One neat fun fact: my faculty mentor here, Dan Wallace, recently told me that he too had his publishing debut in NovT. I figure if I publish a tenth of what he’s published over the years I’ll probably be doing okay.

I’ve also just submitted my article “Judas Remembered: The Betrayer of Jesus in Early Christian Memory” to the Journal for the Study of the New Testament. Dale Allison and Samuel Byrskog were kind enough to provide feedback on a draft of it, confirming something I’d discovered with my earlier paper: there is a real collegiality among scholars in this field. Why some of these senior, highly-respected, and no doubt incredibly busy professors would take time to read and comment on an article sent to them unsolicited from a random master’s student is beyond me, but I hope that I’ll be able to do the same for others some day (provided, of course, anyone is interested in my thoughts on anything!).


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