The Journey Continues at Radboud University


I’m very excited to publicly share the news that I’ll be completing my doctorate at Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands, beginning this semester. The decision to transfer from UVa to Radboud was not made lightly, but I believe it to the best course for me, my family, and my research. One benefit: as an external researcher, I can live and work (a real job!) in the US as I finish my program; I’ll only have to go over to the Netherlands at the end for my defense.


Under the supervision of an NT scholar at Radboud, I’ll be writing a dissertation/book provisionally entitled The Testimony of the Spirit. Some elements of this project will appear this year in Vigiliae Christianae as “The Spirit Speaks: Pneumatological Innovation in the Scriptural Exegesis of Justin and Tertullian.”

Many thanks to everyone who has helped make this transfer possible. I’m excited for the next few years! More info on Radboud can be found here.


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